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    A 613 bob-cut transparent or HD lace wig at 180% density. 


    Hair type: Peruvian/Malaysian


    Hair Grade: 11A for soft, flowing, shiny, shed resistant, & tangle resistant 


    A short to medium length haircut, in which the hair is typically cut straight around the head at about jaw-level, often with a fringe at the front. The standard bob is normally cut either between or just below the tips of the ears, and well above the shoulders. 


    Choose your desired lace area for the style you are considering! (More lace area + great stylist= easier style creation.) | (More lace also means more maintenance!)

    Platinum 13x4 613 Bob Wig (OH)

    Excluding Sales Tax |
    • General knowledge:

      Applying too much heat to the lace wig may shorten its lifespan. A lace wig should be treated with respect, just like your natural hair. Good care and maintenance will keep your hair looking and feeling for a long time. Kindness, patience, and daily care are three keywords for proper maintenance.

      How can I prevent the lace wig from shedding?

      It is recommended to use a wide comb for the unit, starting from the bottom and slowly working up in small portions at a time. Do not apply excessive pressure when combing. We recommend that customers not use brushes of any type; this will end up weakening the strands and eventually cause the unit to shed excessively. Do not scratch the scalp with units. It will cause dropout. Instead, pat your hair by hand or unplug the device. Treat your scalp with anti-itch shampoo and conditioner, then moisturize your scalp with oil or hair grease to combat itching. Moisture is the key! Do oily hair polish. Olive oil scene spray, petrolatum, or other heavy-duty oily product on a lace wig. Use a serum to keep your hair moist. It is necessary to keep the unit well moist, especially when choosing a bright color, to maintain a healthy luster and soft texture of the hair. 

       Lace Wig Styling 
       Use a heat protector serum or spray before using a curling wand, dryer, or other heat sources. Do not blow-dry the unit. It is recommended to airdry the wig. If you need to blow-dry the wig, make sure the dryer is set to cool. The heat from the dryer hurts the knot and causes it to fall out. Make sure you don't use the heat tool too much, as the lace wig hair is likely to dry quite a bit. The bending roller can get elastic curls as a surprising alternative to no heat. Braiding units into two plats overnight also provide a beautiful natural wavy texture for the next day.

      Cleaning and Conditioning

      Do not wash with lace wigs on your head. Ensure the hair is completely combed and soft and smooth before cleaning the device to prevent entanglement. As the products used for hair accumulate, use a conditioner every two weeks and every three weeks to rejuvenate your luxury hair. We recommend monthly shampoo and conditioning. We recommend using a sulfuric acid-free shampoo for your wig. It is recommended to clean the device straight from the roots to the ends thoroughly and gently. Gently apply shampoo/conditioner to the bottom. From top to bottom, in the same direction as the cuticle hair strands placed on the lid can cause excessive tangles. 

       Bedtime: Head protection 
       It is best not to sleep with the lace wig facing your head. Be sure to comb the wig before going to bed if it cannot be removed due to the way the device is installed, or if you just want to keep it on at night. If the hair feels a little dry, lightly apply your choice of moisturizing serum. If you can wrap your hair up and use a clip to secure it fairly high on your head, then do so. A silk headscarf and silk pillowcase are essential to keep your wig safe. This is great because it does not rub your hair while you sleep. The friction of the hair against a standard cotton pillowcase can also be a cause of dryness.

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